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Employee Benefits for Small & Large Groups in Michigan

Phenix Health Insurance Agency in Clarkston Michigan specializes in group health benefits for small to medium size businesses in Michigan. We understand the struggles business owners, office managers and controllers endure to supply good health coverage at affordable rates for their employees.

If you have been in a position that requires obtaining group health insurance for employees, then you understand the frustration that goes along with it. No matter what size group it is, 2 employees or 200, it still adds a bit of stress to your job. We realize this, and we do our best to minimize that stress through our high-level of service and fast response times.

Most Owners, Managers or Controllers that have experience in obtaining employee benefits, understand what qualifies as good service from an Insurance Agent/Agency. Most people don’t know this, but every insurance agency in Michigan is given the same rates from all the insurance carriers in Michigan, such as HAP or Blue Cross Blue Shield. The difference between agencies is their creativity in the plan design, their attention to the details, prompt communication, and overall service to their clients. This is what makes Phenix Insurance Agency a great choice for your company. We are all about true personal service.

New to group health insurance? Curious about the requirements?

If you own a Michigan based business and have one employee that works at least 30 hours each week, you may be eligible for group health insurance. Insurance premiums under a group plan are typically a bit lower than individual insurance, plus the benefits tend to be better. Employee benefits can easily become very frustrating and may also open you and your business up to certain liabilities if you don’t have the guidance of an experienced Michigan Employee Benefits Agent.

Every company is different, so every group insurance quote is different. With that said, this is the reason why we need specific information about each one of your employees (a.k.a. the census). If you feel your company qualifies for group health benefits, please fill out the request form on this page or give us a call at 248-933-4167.

Group Health Insurance Quote | Michigan

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All information is sent encrypted, but for further security, please do not submit any social security numbers or confidential medical information relating to the health of your employees. Please include in the census, the employee name, birth date, and home zip code. Also, if your employees have a spouse or children that need coverage, please include their information as well. All information you submit is strictly confidential. We do not share or discuss your information with anyone other than select health insurance carriers in Michigan for quoting purposes.

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