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If you have ever went through the process of selecting employee benefits for your company then you know it can sometimes be a daunting task. From gathering your current benefit information, getting approval from the owners, and the best part, enrolling the employees, the process can be a bit stressful. We try to streamline the selection process and make enrollments as easy as possible for our clients.


Group Health Insurance

One of the main factors in attracting and retaining good employees in Michigan is medical insurance. Regardless of the company’s financials, there are ways to make health insurance available to your employees and their dependents. Offering group health insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many solutions available to Michigan employers which will make group health insurance affordable for both the company and its employees.


Group Dental Coverage

Failure to have regular dental checkups can lead to more serious problems than a toothache. Offering dental coverage to your employees can help encourage them to see a dentist on a regular basis. Also, gum disease has been linked to heart disease as well as diabetes, and diagnosing these issues early not only helps your employees’ health, it may help reduce your long-term health insurance costs.


Group Vision Coverage

Similar to group dental coverage, if your employees are not getting regular eye exams, they may have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease that can surface later at a greater expense to your medical plan and the employee. Offering vision care coverage is an affordable element within the employee benefits package which can have a high value of return, and can help offset the impact of increased medical costs, becoming a cost-effective and early intervention tool.


Group Life Insurance

Many individuals today do not have life insurance or adequate savings to cover final expenses, which places additional stress on employees and their families when the need arises. A group life insurance plan can put your employees’ minds at ease, knowing their family will have resources available when they need them. Policies can also include a dependent benefit to help the employee pay for expenses if their dependent passes.


Group Disability Insurance

Many employers are faced with offering lower wages than their competitors and find it difficult to find and retain qualified workers. Offering a short-term and/or a long-term disability program can provide potential and current employees a form of financial stability. An employee may be offered a higher wage at a competitor, but are they offered protection if that paycheck stops due to illness or a disability? How will they pay their monthly bills? Employers offering a disability plan can provide peace of mind to their employees and gain an advantage over those that don’t.

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Phenix Employee Benefits Agency in Clarkston Michigan

As an employee benefits agency in Clarkston, and serving all of Michigan, we know what it takes to put together a well-design benefits plan for employers.  Michigan employees expect their employer to provide good benefits, and sometimes that can be a challenge. Employees want great medical plans including dental & vision, they also want low deductibles, low rates, and they expect the employer to pay a large portion of the premium. Let’s be honest, everyone wants that.

Unfortunately, that scenario is not common. We find most employers pay between 30%-50% of the employee’s premium, however, some tech companies and engineering firms in Michigan will pay upwards of 90%-100%.

Attracting and retaining quality employees requires employers to offer a great benefit package. This can’t be more true in today’s hiring market. Potential employees with in-demand skills, especially in technology fields, know they can be selective when it comes to accepting job offers, and in most cases the benefit package is the deciding factor.

Phenix Insurance Agency can create a great employee benefits package that will attract the candidates you desire, all while making your current employees know they are well cared for, and their continued employment with your company is something they rely on.