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Serving all of Michigan, Phenix Insurance Agency in Clarkston Michigan specializes in employee benefits for Michigan businesses. We offer medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and more! Get the one-on-one personal service you deserve with the Phenix Insurance Agency.

What employee health benefits should you choose?

Group health insurance and employee benefits are ever-changing, and there is much to know when it comes to creating a great employee benefits plan for your company. Group health insurance in Michigan is one of the most important employee benefits offered, and it is consistently the most sought-after.

Michigan employers have a variety of plan options including PPOs, HMO and others. Furthermore, employers also need to consider part-time employees, or those who don’t qualify for the same benefits as full time employees. We can help design a plan that includes all of your employees.

It’s important for you to choose an insurer and an agent you trust to provide the right information to build reliable options at a cost that makes sense for your company and your employees.

Don’t Understand How Everything Works?

here are a few basic explanations


The copay is a set amount you pay each time you receive certain covered health care services, medications or medical supplies. The copay amount will vary, but is typically between $20 and $60 dollars per visit.


The deductible is the amount you owe for certain covered health care services before your health plan begins to pay for them. There are individual deductible amounts and family deductible amounts, such as $1,200 per-person, and $2,400 per family.


Coinsurance is the percentage of allowed amounts for certain covered services you pay after your deductible has been met. Coinsurance percentages will vary by plan, and premium plans may not have coinsurance. Example: Insurance company pays 80% and you pay 20% of a covered service.

O-O-P Limit

The Out-Of-Pocket Limit is the most you’ll pay for the combined total of all copays, coinsurance, and deductibles for covered services in a benefit year (1 year). When you meet your Out-Of-Pocket Limit the insurance carrier (BCBS, HAP, etc.) pays all of the allowed amount for covered services.

Employee Benefits For Michigan Employers

Group Medical Insurance

Group Dental Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

and more!

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Group Health Insurance for Michigan Employers

Serving all of Michigan, Phenix Health Insurance Agency in Clarkston Michigan offers employee benefits from major insurance carriers in Michigan. Carriers such as, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, Principal, HAP, MetLife, United, and many more.

When choosing insurance carriers for your employee benefits, there are many things to think about. The Phenix Insurance Agency looks at all the variables when designing a plan for our clients, and furthermore, we take the time that is required to create the employee benefit plan that is right for your company and your employees.

Are you having service problems with your current agent?

It doesn’t matter if you have a company with 5 employees or 150 employees, great service is what you need. At the Phenix Insurance Agency in Clarkston, we know how important service is, and it is our absolute top priority. Our clients depend on us to provide fast, efficient, and knowledgeable service 24/7. We have a sense-of-urgency that is not seen in most health insurance agencies in Michigan, and we know you will see it during our quoting process, and throughout the years to come. We offer a type of personal service that is not seen too often these days, and we know our agency is one you will be glad you hired. Give us a call to talk about your company’s employee benefits. We welcome the conversation.